5th-6th Grade Lessons and Activities

Fifth and sixth grade teachers have six activities available to teach students about community works while developing language arts, science and math skills.  All lesson plans document common core standards met. 

The project’s introductory lesson provides teachers with a lesson plan, an informational presentation, and a fact flyer worksheet.

Introductory Lesson
Introductory Presentation to Kids Care - Powerpoint
Introductory Presentation to Kids Care - Prezi This is a large file that may take several minutes to download.
Prezi Download Instructions
Super Hero Sign-Up Sheet

The homework interview with adult worksheet is an optional tool to help the student engage family and friends in the project.
Adult Interview Worksheet

The tally lesson applies real world math to follow up on the introductory lesson, engaging the students in the measurement of cause and effect.

Tally Lesson Plan
Superhero Sign-Up Sheet
Tally Sheet - 1
Tally Sheet - 2

A website scavenger hunt worksheet is available for students to use in computer class during the project to help develop internet research skills.

Web Scavenger Hunt Worksheet
Web Scavenger Hunt Worksheet - Key

Observation worksheets are optional activities to support scientific thinking as well as writing skills.

Observation Worksheet

The thank you lesson provides a writing lesson to include basic letter formatting.  This activity provides the opportunity to not only follow the project through to completion, but also to support writing and teach the value of gratitude.

Thank You Lesson Plan
Thank You Letter Worksheet

Each donor receives FREE: A yo-yo, health screenings, donor rewards points. Each student who recruits a blood donor through the Kids Care lesson assignment receives an awareness band.

Bob Grant

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