Helping Those Hit By Harvey

Help Blood Center Employees Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

Text BLOOD to 91011 to make a donation

**All donations are tax deductible and 100% net proceeds go to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Effort.**

Global Blood Fund (GBF), with support from Arkansas Blood Institute, has launched a Hurricane Harvey Emergency Relief Text-to-Give campaign in collaboration with Blood Centers of America (BCA) collectors. This Text-to-Give campaign was created to lend financial support to our colleagues at blood centers in Houston and Beaumont who have been adversely affected by catastrophic flooding.  

To make a donation to the Hurricane Harvey Emergency Relief Fund, simply text “BLOOD” to 91011. 

You will receive a return text with a link. Click the link and follow the instructions, and make your donation by using PayPal, or entering a credit or debit card number. You choose the amount you wish to give. 

In all, nearly 125 employees at blood centers in the region hit by Hurricane Harvey have been personally affected.  They have lost their homes or vehicles, and some are unable to return to work while displaced.

One Houston-area blood center employee described the terrifying night when floodwaters destroyed her home.  She says her daughter woke up in the middle of the night to find herself in ankle-deep water. Scared, cold and crying, they rushed from the house, where the water was rising frighteningly quickly.  

She described the experience: “We had to pack only what we could. All my stuff was ruined, and I thought first to grab a uniform and my stethoscope because I knew we would have to be out there as soon as we could to save lives. I have cried, I have thanked God for our lives, and with so much I have already seen with us all pulling together I know it will be tough, but we will rebuild. The storm has brought us all together as one. We are Houston Strong!”

To read her entire story, in her own words, please click here.

All funds given through the Hurricane Harvey Emergency Relief Fund from now until October 15 will be directed for distribution.  

“The BCA will create a steering committee for Hurricane Harvey Emergency Relief which will work with the leadership of the affected centers to fairly and effectively distribute 100% of the net donations,” said Bill Block, president and CEO of BCA. “Billy Weales, CEO of The Blood Center in New Orleans, has agreed to chair the HHER committee and will be able to bring his Hurricane Katrina recovery experiences to bear in the group’s deliberations and actions.” 

This article also appeared in the ABC Newsletter on Friday, Sept. 8, 2017.


Bob Grant