Thank You For Saving Lives

Blood donation can’t wait.

These are difficult times. Thank you for helping us continue to fulfill our promise to local patients.
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COVID-19: Blood Donations Urged

Blood donation can’t wait.

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Platelet Donors Save Lives

Our dedicated platelet donors talk about what it’s like to take it further, giving platelets for cancer patients and those with life-threatening blood diseases.

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Hero Blood Donors Help Save Boy’s Life

Jose Mitchell, age 5, was diagnosed with leukemia shortly after he was adopted by a special new family. 

Now cancer-free, he used blood and platelets from our super hero donors during his two-year battle with the disease.

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Cancer Survivor Gets Opportunity to Thank Donors

Holly is now able to thank the blood donors who helped save her life, using Thank-The-Donor™, a one-of-its-kind program developed by your Blood Institute.

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Zellie’s Story:

Zellie is a little girl with a big spirit who depends on blood donors from Arkansas Blood Institute.
Video courtesy: THV-11

A Dad’s Miracle is the Reason He Donates

Jeremy Hurley’s daughter Mattilyn needed blood to survive when she was born without part of her diaphragm.  Jeremy is now a dedicated blood donor.


How Blood Donors Saved A New Mom’s Life

Erin Green of Hot Springs developed a very serious complication after giving birth to her daughter, Georgia.  She needed blood, platelets and plasma from a total of 21 different donors to survive.  She now wants her friends and neighbors to understand the importance of blood donations. Read Erin’s story.

Kamryn’s story

Kamryn Dukes is a 9-year-old who needs a marrow transplant. Blood donors keep her healthy while she waits for a match. Kamryn’s family hopes everyone who is eligible to join Be The Match will so Kamryn and others who need a transplant will find a match.

Faith’s Story

Faith is a 14-year-old from Mena. She’s enjoying this summer & looking forward to being a high schooler thanks to hundreds of blood donors who gave to help her survive a life-threatening illness.  Watch her video & donate for Arkansans like Faith who will need blood this summer!


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