Logo Guidelines

We have provided high-resolution versions of our logos for you to download as needed. Please read and adhere to the guidelines when using one of our logos.

Appropriate use of Arkansas Blood Institute logos: 
  • Arkansas Blood Institute logos must always include both the ‘heart and hands’ symbol and the organization name. The symbol should not be used alone.
  • Horizontal and stacked versions of the logos are available for use.
  • Logos may only appear in all black, two colors (black and red) or may be reversed out of a color and appear in all white. Reversed-out logo are available upon request.
  • When using a logo, be careful not to change its proportions when enlarging or reducing it. This can be done by right clicking the logo then clicking “Size” and adjusting the size. Be sure the lock ratio box is clicked when changing the size of a logo by a percentage or measurement.

If you have questions or to request an all white logo, please call 405-278-3127 or email ktilly@obi.org.

Click on the desired logo to download a high resolution version.

Arkansas Blood Institute Standard Logos:

logo - 2choriz                logo - 2cvert


Arkansas Blood Institute All Black Logos:

logo - bkhorz                logo - bkvert


Bob Grant