Directed Donations

The Troyer Twins received directed donations at birth from their grandmother.What Is A Directed Donation?
A directed donation is a blood donation made for you by a donor chosen by you or your family with compatible blood type and antigens.

Who Can Be A Directed Donor?

Anyone who is 16 years of age or older and meets regular, donor health requirements may be a directed donor.

When Will it Reach The Hospital?
Directed blood donations given during regular Arkansas Blood Institute center hours are usually processed within 72 hours. Directed donor units are tested with the same standard tests as regular, volunteer donated products.

Directed Donation: Step-by-Step

1. An order for directed donations must be initiated by the physician ordering the patient’s transfusion. The physician will order a directed donation, and you will provide a list of potential donors. Potential donors will need to meet donor criteria and have the correct blood type. (ABI facilitated testing.)

2. You will be required to have a blood type and antibody screen. ABI will facilitate this testing. We will request your contact information, social security number, the hospital where your surgery is scheduled and the date the blood will be needed.

3. The directed donor needs to complete the standard, donor registration form required for screening and processing the blood; and a donor authorization form giving us permission to direct the blood to a specific patient.

4. Arkansas Blood Institute processes and tags the directed blood donation for your surgery.

If your blood usage exceeds the number of directed donations and there is no time to draw and process additional units, blood from our volunteer supply will be available.

Bob Grant