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  • Think Giving Blood Hurts? Think Again!

    The thought of blood can make anyone a little queasy, but donating is much less intimidating than it sounds. You may have done something today that was far more difficult than this simple, life-saving process.

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This Life Brought to You by Blood Donors

Learn about the need for blood donations from patients who have benefitted from these lifesaving gifts.

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Get Paid with a Purpose

OBI is proud to launch DonableĀ®, a peer-to-peer app that pays users for recruiting blood donors to OBI locations. Now anyone can turn their network of friends, family, coworkers, etc. into local lifesavers. Download today!

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  • Use the Donable app to recruit blood donors, save lives and earn money!

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    Make saving lives part of your work by joining our lifesaving mission.

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