About Arkansas Blood Institute

Arkansas staff member delivering life-saving blood to a hospital. Arkansas Blood Institute is a non-profit blood center whose volunteer donors provide every drop of blood needed by patients in 40 Arkansas hospitals.  These include CHI St. Vincent hospitals, Mercy Hospitals, Sparks Health Care, Arkansas Heart Hospital, Jefferson Regional Medical Center and Conway Regional Hospital.  Blood is being delivered from the Fort Smith, Hot Springs and Little Rock donor centers to hospitals in their areas.  That blood is from donors at local blood drives and other donors in the region. 

  • Our ONLY mission is to reliably provide local hospitals with the right blood needed for each patient at the right time. It’s all we do!  Arkansas Blood Institute is committed to this local area – not to serving hospitals elsewhere in the nation. We’re not a ‘chain’-type blood center.  We are committed to always making sure our hometown hospitals have all the blood they need. 
  • With Arkansans donating blood for Arkansans, we do not rely on a national blood center and its ability to supply our hospitals. We are no longer vulnerable if a decision is made that blood for our hospitals is needed more by those in other parts of the country.  With this opportunity to control our own blood supply comes the responsibility to sustain it. This means more of us will need to take responsibility and donate regularly to make sure our friends and family have blood whenever it may be needed.
  • The end result is that Arkansas hospitals and patients are better served.  Medical advances are becoming incredibly precise to match the best blood product to the right patient. It goes way beyond just matching up blood types!  In some cases, the closest genetic matches of blood to patients are key to their survival. Local donors with similar ethnicity and genetics make that possible.
  • Since 1958, those who need blood in the western region of Arkansas have counted on mobile blood drives and donor centers in Fort Smith and Hot Springs, known as United Blood Services.  In October 2011, the blood centers in these areas became an affiliate of Oklahoma Blood Institute.  As such, we have the support of the nation’s sixth largest independent, nonprofit blood collector, Oklahoma Blood Institute, that serves hospitals to the west of here. Arkansas Blood Institute was formed at this time to reflect the local commitment to providing for people in the region. 


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