Be a Hero: Save Lives This Spring

Arkansas Blood Institute is committed to being the donor-to-patient lifeline, providing hope, healing and comfort.

This spring, we invite donors to become heroes and save the lives of Arkansans by giving blood. 

March 1 through May 16, donors will get a free, limited edition, vintaged t-shirt, in your choice of color: blue, purple or green.

“Arkansas Blood Institute is dedicated to a mission of health, service, community and innovation,” said John Armitage, M.D., president and CEO of Arkansas Blood Institute. “Arkansas Blood Institute exists to save local lives and serve our local hospitals.  We could not accomplish that without the real heroes, our selfless blood donors.”

Whole blood donations can be made every 56 days.  Platelets can be donated up to 24 times a year.

Arkansas Blood Institute, a non-profit blood center, relies on donations from more than 1,000 donors each day to meet the needs of patients in more than 30 medical facilities statewide.  One blood donation can save as many as three lives and takes only about an hour. Those with negative blood types are especially urged to donate.  If donors choose to forgo the t-shirt, funds will be donated to Global Blood Fund, a non-profit organization helping secure much-needed blood supplies for blood centers in developing countries.

Appointments to give blood are not required but can be made by clicking here or calling (877) 340-8777. Or click on one of our donor center locations below:
Fort Smith, 5300 South U Street
Hot Springs, 149 Section Line Road
Little Rock, 101 South Shackleford Road

Learn about volunteering with Arkansas Blood Institute.

*16-year-olds must weigh at least 125 pounds and provide signed parental permission; 17-year-olds must weigh at least 125 pounds; 18+-year-olds must weigh at least 110 pounds


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Global Blood Fund Earth BallDonate now and support Global Blood Fund.  Just forgo your donor recognition item offered in appreciation for your donation.  In turn, Arkansas Blood Institute will make a monetary contribution of similar value to support Global Blood Fund. 

In this way, donors can doubly give - both by donating life-saving blood used locally, and by assisting blood centers in developing countries with supplies.

Support has been provided to blood centers in countries such as Kenya, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Mexico, Japan, Georgia and Armenia.



It is critical that O-negative donors donate regularly since only 9% of the population has this blood type, and can only receive this same blood type.

Having O-negative blood available is vital because it can be used by any person in the 33 medical facilities we serve who may be in urgent need but whose blood type hasn’t yet been identified.

Imagine if a family member, friend or co-worker was in urgent need of blood. Donating every 56 days, and encouraging others with O-negative blood type to do the same, ensures your loved ones would receive the life-saving blood when they need it.

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