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Come Join us at the Hope Factory!


Great causes deserve great marketing. While terms such as “blood drive” and “donor room” are easily understood, they certainly lack sizzle. We’d be more than justified to rebrand these places as hope factories, because they create a psychologic uplift in three different ways:

  • Patient Hope: the chance given to patients, their families and healthcare providers to fight for healing, comfort and recovery.
  • Donor Hope: the optimism shown by donors and drive sponsors to sacrifice their time and self and trusting the result will heal others.
  • Community Hope: the inspiring example provided when neighbors help neighbors by a powerful, public act compassion.

Perhaps we’d get more folks to give blood if we invited them to join us on the production line of such amazing outcomes? As much as words help create perception, maybe we owe it to ourselves, and our mission, to turn on our beacon of light in our language - rather than hiding our light under a bushel of simple, dull descriptors.