Donor Benefit Plans

Volunteer blood donors are lifesavers for their local community, and we want to show our appreciation and support if they ever need it. Donor benefit plans help defray some medical costs associated with using blood products.

Benefit plans are available for individuals and groups, depending on how the donor generally gives blood. Credit-to-patient blood drives are another option for those who might not qualify for the other plans, allowing any donors to give in honor of a friend or loved one.

Donor Benefit Plans

Learn more about each type of donor benefit plan:

To learn more or start the process, contact our Benefit Plan Coordinator toll-free at 866-708-4995.

  • Individual Benefit Plan
    • Covers individual donors, their spouse and their tax dependents
    • Begins after first blood donation with our organization and is automatically available for up to one year after the most recent donation
    • Offers financial reimbursement for the covered individual for blood processing fees not covered by insurance. Reimbursement may vary based on how many units are used and product type.
  • Donor Group Benefit Plan
    • Covers all members, their spouse and tax dependents of a qualifying donor group.
    • To qualify, a group must have annual blood donations reaching at least 25% of its member or employee count. As long as this threshold is met, the plan automatically renews.
    • Any group can participate, although businesses, churches, civic clubs and schools are most likely to qualify.
  • Credit to Patient Plan
    • Helps those who don’t qualify for an individual or donor group benefit plan
    • Allows donor to specify a patient to credit their donation toward, using a form at the time of donation
    • Credits can be designated for donors at hospitals in our service areas, providing financial reimbursement for blood processing fees not covered by insurance. Reimbursement levels vary based on product type, number of credits and how many units are used.
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